Most all of the questions you might have are listed below. If you still have a question after reviewing this page, feel free to contact me using the form on my contact page.

If you want to get your contractor's license you should start by downloading either the Residential or Commercial  Candidate Information Bulletin  from the link on my Resources page. This will give you all of the information you'll need to know before taking the contractor's license exam, including tips for preparing for your exam, a description of the exam and a content outline, scheduling procedures and exam site locations. The exam is given by computer, using a mouse and keyboard, in a semiprivate testing station at the exam site of your choosing. Before starting the exam, you will be given time to complete a tutorial of the test process on the computer; this will not count against your exam time.

After you read the bulletin, if you have more questions you can call the appropriate licensing board number below, depending on the license you're interested in, or Paul.

Commercial Licensing Board: 803-896-4686

Residential Licensing Board: 803-896-4696

Paul Calvo: 803-917-1193

You can find links to the test requirements for getting your contractor's license and the state requirements on the resources page of my website. The requirements are different depending on whether you're interested in residential or commercial, and whether you want to get an SC Contractor's license, or one in Georgia or North Carolina. If you have questions, you can call the licensing board at one of the numbers listed below, or Paul:

Commercial Board: 803-896-4686

Residential Board: 803-896-4696

Paul Calvo: 803-917-1193

When you come to class, please bring highlighted books, a few extra color highlighters, tabs, a red ink pen, and a simple calculator. We will go over both commercial business & law and the technical portions of the exams, so you only need to take one class.

Yes, each class includes all of the test prep you'll need for the business and law portion of the test, in addition to the contractor's exam.

The contractor's exams are open book, and during the class I will set your books up where you can find the answers quickly during your exam.

The books are not included in the class price. Each class page has a link to the bookstore with the required books selected, and you can purchase them directly from the book store.

No, the books are not included in the price of the class. You will need to purchase the books in advance of the class. A link to the bookstore page that lists all of the required books for each class is included on the class page.

You should wait until after you come to class before you schedule the test.

We will spend 8 hours on law and technical during class, and set your books up so that you can find the answers quickly during the test. The recommended study time is about 20 hours, but some folks need more or less time than that, depending on experience.

Each class requires different books. Please refer to the exam prep class description page for a link to the required books for your specific class. You can also purchase books through this link.

You need a contractor to sign an affidavit that you have 1 year of residential experience in the past 5 years to be eligible to take the residential builder exams.

To be licensed as a commercial general contractor you have to have a contractor sign an affidavit that you have 2 years of experience within the past 5 years with commercial work only. The board will not take residential experience, it has to be commercial work only.

You can contact the license board in Columbia directly if you have further questions, their number is (803) 896-4300 and their office hours are 8:30 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.

If you don't pass the exam you may take the course again within six months at no charge. Because the PSI exams change regularly, after six months there will be a charge of $150 to cover updates to the class materials.

Specialty contractor classes are available by request for a special fee. Contact me through my website contact form with the class you'd like to take and I'll make arrangements to put it on the schedule.

You may reschedule up to 6 months in advance without penalty, however, we charge a $35 cancellation fee for classes cancelled more than 7 days prior to the scheduled class. This covers the fees we are charged for processing payments. Read more about our cancellation policy.