Boiler Installation Contractors License

Boiler Installation Scope of Work Boiler installation’ which includes those who are qualified to install, repair, and service boilers and boiler piping including the boiler auxiliary equipment, controls, and actuated machinery and dryer rolls. To qualify for this subclassification, a person must pass a technical examination administered by the board or must be the holder of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) ‘S’ stamp or hold the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors (NBBPVI) ‘R’ stamp and meet the requirements for licensure according to this chapter.

There are 50 questions in this examination. You will need to answer 35 questions correctly in order to pass. You are allowed 3 hours to complete this examination.

NOTE: All Boiler Installation – Commercial Contractor candidates are required to pass the Business Management and Law for Contractors Examination and the Boiler Installation Examination.

  1. Code Compliance (10 Items)
  2. Boilers – Low Pressure (12 Items)
  3. Boilers – High Pressure (8 Items)
  4. Boilers – Steam Traps (5 Items)
  5. Boilers – Safety (5 Items)
  6. Piping (4 Items)
  7. Welding (6 Items)

Once you have your book set we will send you a highlighting guide, whereby you can get started before the seminar. Please bring it to the exam prep class along with a few extra highlighters, a red ink pen and a simple calculator.

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