Specialty Contractor Classes

We teach a variety of specialty contractor classes. The cost for all specialty classes is $650 for a full day class, including the business law information you'll need to pass your specialty contractor license test. Private tutoring is also available by request.

Specialty Contractor classes will be held on an as needed basis. There is a minimum requirement of 2 students per class in order for the class to be held. There is one registration form for all of the specialty classes; you will be asked which class you are registering for during the registration process.

For private tutoring, please send a message using our contact form. See our specialty contractor upcoming class schedule below.

We can teach the following:

bridge contractor license

Bridge Contractor

specialty contractor license classes - concrete paving

Concrete Paving

water and sewer plants

Water & Sewer Plants

south carolina plumbing license

Water & Sewer Lines

concrete steps

Concrete Forming





asphalt paving

Asphalt Paving

grading contractor

Grading Contractor

marine contractor

Marine Contractor


Boiler Installation

air conditioning units

Packaged Equipment

pressure and process piping

Pressure and Process Piping

Upcoming Specialty Contractor Classes