South Carolina Plumbing License (Commercial)

The South Carolina Plumbing License includes the installation, replacement, alteration, and repair of all plumbing including solar water heating when performed solely within property lines and not on public easements or rights-of-way except to make connections to water meters or sewer taps as allowed by the utility owner; and the installation, alteration, and repair of all piping, fixtures, and appliances related to water supply, including pressure vessels and tanks, and excluding municipal or related water supply systems; venting and sanitary drainage systems for all fluid and semi-fluid and organic wastes; roof leaders; water-conditioning equipment; piping and equipment for swimming pools; and installation of a system of pipes, fittings, fixtures, drains, and all necessary component parts upon the premises or in a building to supply water to buildings and to convey sewage or other waste products from buildings. If this equipment is gas-fired, the necessary gas lines may be installed under this sub classification used in connection with this sub classification. Plumbing contractors in license groups three, four, and five are not required to be licensed under Chapter 45, Title 23 to install standpipe systems, including water hose connections, water hose cabinets, and related branch lines if the water hoses do not supply water to automatic fire protection sprinklers.

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Course Length: 8 Hours

South Carolina Plumbing License Exam Content Outline

There are 80 questions in this examination. You will need to answer 56 questions correctly in order to pass. You are allowed 4 hours to complete this examination.

Note: All Plumber – Commercial contractor candidates are required to pass the Business Management and Law for contractors examination and the Plumber examination .

  1. ADA Accessibility (1 item)
  2. General Plumbing Knowledge (6 items)
  3. General Plumbing Regulations (3 items)
  4. Hangers and supports  (General) (2 items)
  5. Materials (2 items)
  6. Joints and Connections (3 items)
  7. Fixtures and Equipment (3 items)
  8. Water Heaters (4 items)
  9. Water Supply and Distribution (3 items)
  10. Backflow Prevention (1 item)
  11. Sanitary Drainage Systems (4 items)
  12. Cleanouts (2 items)
  13. Indirect and Special Waste (2 items)
  14. Sanitary Venting (6 items)
  15. Traps and Interceptors (3 items)
  16. Storm Piping Systems (2 items)
  17. Plumbing – Developed Length (5 items)
  18. DWV Isometric Analysis (isometric Based) (10 items)
  19. Water Supply Isometric Analysis (4 items)
  20. Roof Drain Isometric Analysis (3 items)
  21. Pipe Assembly (1 item)
  22. Valves (1 item)
  23. General Fuel Knowledge (3 items)
  24. Natural Gas (3 items)
  25. LP- Gas (3 items)

Reference Books [Click Here to Purchase Books]

  • Please refer to the Contractor Book Warehouse (linked above) for all needed reference books.

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