Marine Contractor License

“Marine” Which includes all water activities to construct seawalls, bulkheads, docks, piers, wharves, and other water structures including, but not limited to, pile driving, boat slips, and boardwalks. Licensees under this classification may perform ancillary work including fill and grading. This license subclassification does not include structures within the scope of the General Contractor-Building classification. Once you have your book set we will send you a highlighting guide, whereby you can get started before the seminar. Please bring it to the exam prep class along with a few extra highlighters, a red ink pen and a simple calculator.

Marine Contractor Books

Download the Commercial Contractor Candidate Information Bulletin, and find out more about exam fees and create an account with PSI.

Marine Contractor License exam prep classes are held regularly in South Carolina.

No Recording Devices Permitted in Class